So many years ago

So many years ago
Lanetta and Chatty - 1960

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Shoes!

Chatty's shoes and boots arrived yesterday! Between the recent order from Audrey's Doll Gallery ( and a previous order from Prilly Charmin ( she is set to go anywhere!

She now has brown lace-up boots and white tennis shoes. Her wardrobe also includes different style Mary Jane's in red, white, royal blue, pink, and black.

Chatty also received yesterday a pair of white tights and a set of black stockings! Auntie Linda thought she is too young to wear black stockings, so she called Granny. Granny said it would be okay with the appropriate dress.

After reviewing the picture, houseshoes and sandals are the only items missing! Unless, of course, you want to consider other colors of dress shoes! Both websites have wonderful selections, it's so hard to choose! In addition, both orders arrived promptly. I highly recommend both companies!

FYI: Chatty wears a size 85mm-86mm shoe. Her socks are a size 3. And her stockings and tights are a size 4.

Here she is wearing her new boots with her favorite dress:

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